Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on SSVC Members Area. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. RULES

    By registering and using the SSVC Members Area, Discussion Board, Member Portal or whatever you like to call it you must agree to the rules set out below. These rules are accompanied by the Privacy Policy (

    General rules
    Be an adult and keep things civil. Don't attack people for any reason. If you disagree with another member, ensure your responses are constructive and on-topic. Do not engage in personal attacks. This is not the place to discuss or argue politics, religion, gender, sexuality, or any controversial issues. It only ends in an argument.

    Don't make slanderous comments Australia has anti-defamation laws, and the person targeted may decide to pursue you. Contact the moderators if insulting statements have been posted to the forums.

    Don't post anything illegal or anything that could get SSVC into trouble.

    Avoid using foul language. Posts with excessively foul language will be removed.

    Do not operate multiple user accounts. Let us know if you can't access your old one.

    You must be a minimum of 15 years of age to use the forums.

    General Discussion section
    You can talk about almost anything here, within reason of the rules, but any Volvo or Saab discussion must be done in the appropriate forums.

    Post titles should try to follow a format. It is important that you start with the source and the state where the item is located, in square brackets, e.g. [GOLD COAST] Vehicle model, type and colour etc.

    Update the thread title when the item is sold by putting [SOLD!] at the beginning of the title.

    Include photos. For cars, include photos of the exterior and interior. This will also help get your item sold.

    We do not verify for sale/wanted threads, and take no responsibility for any issues that may arise between buyers and sellers. If a buyer or seller is acting in bad faith, report them to the mod team. We cannot intervene in sales and all sales are at your own risk.

    Moderators can be distinguished by the colour blue in their username. Committee members (green usernames) possess full moderator privileges
    Moderators can use their own discretion to:
    1. Move or remove off-topic comments
    2. Remove offensive or inappropriate posts
    3. Move threads to appropriate categories
    4. Ban users (both temporarily and permanently)
    5. Remind users of the rules, and reprimand users, either privately or publicly, when they break forum rules
    6. Remove threads that are not constructive, difficult to moderate, or otherwise problematic.
    Moderators have discretion to remove any content they feel is causing problems for the community or the forums, including for reasons not explicitly stated here, and are not required to provide reasons for removing content (though they generally will). You are not required to agree with moderator decisions, but you are required to respect them. Do not argue with their decisions.

    Moderators are instructed to, in the first instance, attempt to educate users regarding the forum rules. If a user repeatedly flaunts the forum rules, they can and will be banned. Bans may be temporary or permanent.
    Use of Personal Information
    See the club Privacy Policy -

    Account deletion
    Should you wish to delete your account, contact a moderator.
    Note that, due to the collaborative nature of a forum, not all content can be deleted. When your account is deleted, your public posts and comments remain. #